Here we would like to offer you an overview of everything that is on the main screen of the game. For further details you can check the Complete Guide. At the bottom of this page we also gathered some general tips for you!

Main Screen Navigation




On Profile you can change your team’s name, icon and language. You can also check your player ID, guild name and ID, as well as your team’s level and experience (i.e. how close it is to the next level up). Further here is the only way to leave your guild.

VIP level


The higher your VIP level, the more benefits you get. Recharge (read "purchase") diamonds to increase your VIP level. The player in question is currently VIP 7, 490 diamonds from VIP 8. See also detailed information at the VIP Table .

Diamond Recharge

Recharge (read "purchase") Diamonds in order to increase your VIP level (and getting more diamonds of course). The player in question is currently VIP 7, 490 diamonds from VIP 8.



Receive gifts and rewards in your Mail.



Stamina is necessary in order to play on Trial and Stages. You can recharge it by using diamonds. You also get around 10 stamina per hour (without taking any action), if it’s not already maxed (the player in question will only get stamina this way if they have less than 144 stamina). You can also claim 60 stamina in the tasks twice a day: 12-2 pm and 6-8 pm.



Gold is used to buy items from Shop/Special Shop, promoting/enhancing a hero and upgrading their skills. You can use Alchemy to acquire more gold (by spending diamonds).


Diamonds are used to buy items from Shop/Special Shop/Black Market, gold, stamina and for enhancing your heroes' stats. Further you can spin the wheel of fortune with diamonds (Events). Purchase more diamonds (using real money) on Diamond Recharge.

Invite System


You can get prizes by inviting players to the game using the Invite System. It’s possible to create multiple accounts (on different devices) in order to take advantage of this feature. (more information at the FAQ section )



Take part in Events in order to get prizes. Some events are permanent, some are temporary. Check the Complete Guide for further information.



Get equipment, souls and heroes in Altar, by using diamonds or waiting for the cooldown time. After purchasing 50 deluxe chests you will be rewarded with a 3 star hero via ingame mail.



Trial offers 4 modes, each one provides different items. You can only access 2 a day, except on Sunday, when all of them are available.



Crusade lets you face 15 randomly selected players a day. Every time you win, you get Courage points, gold and equipment or soul. It is a kind of survival mode: HP is not replenished at the end of each battle. Spend Courage points in the Courage shop. You can restart it once a day.



There are 4 kinds of Stages: Normal, Elite, Inferno (which isn’t currently available) and Special (which is available from time to time). Normal stages offer equipment as rewards. Elite and Special stages offer equipment and sometimes souls; the latter only gives souls of the hero(s) that is(are) the target of this special event. All of the stages provide gold and require stamina to be played.



Competition has 4 modes: Battlefield (where you can get gold, EXP potions, Merit points and Sven’s souls), Wanted (which provides souls at a 100% drop rate), Arena (where you find Honor points and diamonds) and World Boss (which offers diamonds). Use Merit and Honor points in the Merit and Honor shops, respectively.



When your team reaches level 40, you can join a Guild, where you can get Prestige points, gold equipment and souls. The more stamina you spend, the more Guild Raid points your guild cumulates, which will allow the Leader and their Captains to open Guild Raids, where you must fight in order to acquire the aforementioned rewards. Spend Prestige points in the Prestige Shop.



On Characters you can see what the heroes you’ve already unlocked will be like when they reach level 99, as well as NPC monsters.



The game allows you to have at max 41 Friends (number of friends increases with your level), which can give you 2x stamina a day each.



On Inventory you can see the exact number of souls, equipment and other items you have collected. It’s possible to sell and fuse equipment.



Inside Shop you will find the regular Shop (where you can get random souls and EXP potions at the cost of gold or diamonds), Merit Shop (which provides the souls of Razor, Dwarf Sniper and Shadow Warden), Honor Shop (where you find the souls of Thunder God, Silencer and Nevermore), Courage shop (which offers the souls of Swordmaster, Alice the Magician and Black Dragon General) and Guild Shop (where you find the souls of Tiny, Admiral and Dryad). All shops also sell equipment. You can acquire the aforementioned points on Battlefield, Arena, Crusade and Guild, respectively.



There are 4 different types of Tasks: D​​aily Tasks, Main, Achievements and Collection. Daily tasts are the best way to increase your player level, these are the only tasks which provide team exp. Completing dailies offers points to spin an extra wheel like in the picture. All other tasks provide gold, honor points, different souls and diamonds as rewards.



On Heroes you can check, promote (at the cost of souls) and enhance your heroes, as well as upgrading their skills (using the books acquired on Trial). All the aforementioned actions consume gold. Here you can also see the pictures of the characters you don’t own yet.



Use the Chat to talk to other players or your Guild mates.

Special Shop


Every time you fight on Stages you have the chance of unlocking the Special Shop, which will then be available for 1h. It always offers 2 souls x2, 3 equipment purchasable with gold and 5 equipment at the cost of diamonds (sometimes you find EXP potions as well).

Black Market


Every time you fight on Stages you have the chance of unlocking the Black Market, which will then be available for 1h. It always offers 2 souls x4 and 8 equipment (sometimes you find EXP potions as well). Diamond is the only currency accepted here.

General Tips

  • Don't spend your gold and diamonds recklessly. At the beginning you may think you’ll never run out of them, but later on you’ll totally regret not being more economical
  • Upgrading skills depends on the star level of a hero. For instance, if a hero has 3 stars, the skill can be upgraded up to rank III; 5 stars, up to rank V.
  • Every hero has 2 active skills (which you can activate during fights), those active skills are the first and the third skill they learn. The passive skills (second and fourth skills) don't need to be activated during fight, they are already included in the stats.
  • Summoning costs:
    • 1 star hero: 10 soul fragments
    • 2 star hero: 30 soul fragments
    • 3 star hero: 80 soul fragments
  • Upgrading costs:
    • from 1 to 2 stars: 20 soul fragments
    • from 2 to 3 stars: 50 soul fragments
    • from 3 to 4 stars: 100 soul fragments
    • from 4 to 5 stars: 150 soul fragments
  • Damage descriptions are not very precise, so here is the order of damage done: Little < Some < Reasonable < Moderate < Massive < Enormous. By the way, remember that the strength of a skill is directly influence by the hero’s ATK. Putting it bluntly, the moderate-damage skill of a high-ATK hero may inflict more damage than the enormous-damage skill of a low-ATK hero.
  • Don't forget to collect your free stamina twice a day (12-2 pm and 6-8 pm).
  • At the beginning, focus on upgrading your main team, rather than unlocking characters. Keep in mind that pro players have 200k+ Power, so it’d be wise to establish that as a primary goal.
  • Upgrading heroes: You can upgrade your heroes with items, you always need 6 items to upgrade your hero to the next stage (in this case the stages are colors). Here are the different stages of upgrading heroes (for a hero's Ranking see also our Tier List ):
    1. White: starting color​ with first skill, which is active
    2. Green: possible at lvl 1
    3. Green +1: possible at lvl 11
    4. Blue (unlocks second skill, which is passive): possible at lvl 11
    5. Blue +1: possible at lvl 14
    6. Blue +2: possible at lvl 17
    7. Purple: possible at lvl 38
    8. Purple +1: possible at lvl 43
    9. Purple +2: ppossible at lvl 48
    10. Purple +3: possible at lvl 54
    11. Orange(unlocks third skill, which is active): possible at lvl 60
    12. Orange +1: possible at lvl 65
    13. Orange +2: possible at lvl 74
    14. Orange +3: possible at lvl 81
    15. Orange +4: We will know that in further updates
    16. Red (unlocks fourth skill, which is passive): We will know that in further updates
  • Items: As said before you need items to upgrade your heroes. Items from blue rarity and higher consist of fragments, so you need fragments to create one item. Some of them you will need more often than others. Here is a list which items you will definitely need en masse:

Sobi mask
Sobi Mask: obtainable at chapters 1-7, 2-3

Orb of venom
Orb of Venom: obtainable at chapters: 1-7, 2,7, 2-9

Magic wand
Magic Wand (5 fragments): i.a. needed to upgrade all heroes to Blue +1; obtainable at chapters 3-8, 5-3, 5-9, 8-9, 11-3

Ring of aquila
Ring of Aquila (5 fragments): i.a. needed to upgrade all heroes to Blue +1; obtainable at chapters 3-9, 5-3, 6-7, 8-10, 11-4

Chainmail (5 fragments): obtainable at chapters 4-1, 5-4, 5-10, 9-2, 11-6

Wraith band
Wraith Band (5 fragments): obtainable at chapters 4-5, 5-7, 6-2, 10-2, 12-2

Mithril hammer
Mithril Hammer (5 fragments): obtainable at chapters 3-10, 5-4, 7-5, 9-1, 11-5

War drum
War Drum (5 fragments): obtainable at chapters 4-3, 5-5, 7-6, 9-4, 11-8

Talisman of health
Talisman of Health (5 fragments): obtainable at chapters 4-4, 5-7, 6-9, 10-1, 12-1

Eaglehorn (15 fragements): i.a. needed to upgrade all heroes to Purple; obtainable at chapters 7-5, 9-5, 15-7

Ultimate orb
Ultimate Orb (10 fragments): obtainable at chapters 7-3, 8-8

Nathrezim buckler
Nathrezim Buckler (10 fragments): obtainable at chapters 6-5, 7-10, 13-7

Badge (10 fragments): obtainable at chapters 6-7, 8-3, 14-2

Sacred relic
Sacred Relic (15 fragments): obtainable at chapters 7-9, 9-10, 16-6

Divine staff
Divine Staff (10 fragments): obtainable at chapters 6-9, 8-4, 14-5

Arcane boots
Arcane Boots (20 fragments): i.a. needed to upgrade all heroes to Purple +3; obtainable at chapters 10-4, 13-10, 17-6

Agha singleim
Agha Singleim (25 fragments): i.a. needed to upgrade all heroes to Orange; obtainable at chapters 11-8, 15-4

Battle fur
Battle Fury (20 fragments): i.a. needed to upgrade all heroes to Orange +1; obtainable at chapters 11-2, 14-8

Frost cannon
Frost Cannon (25 fragments):obtainable at chapters 12-4, 15-10, 17-8

Lv.4 dagon
Lv. 4 Dagon (30 fragments): i.a. needed to upgrade all heroes to Orange +2; obtainable at chapters 12-6, 16-2, 17-10

Helm of dominator
Helm of Dominator (20 fragments): obtainable at chapters 10-7, 14-3

Heart of tarrasque
Heart of Tarrasque (30 fragments): i.a. needed to upgrade all heroes to Orange +3 (in future updates); obtainable at chapters 12-9, 16-5

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