Blackdragon1 (Custom)
Devastating Blow (CD 88s): Pierce enemy #1 with your polearm. Deals reasonable damage. Decreases their DEF by 50% for 1 round. Lvl up: Dam +10%

Blackdragon2 (Custom)
Strategic Defense (Passive): Improve your defensive stance to increase your DEF. Lvl up: DEF +5%

Blackdragon3 (Custom)
Elementium Armor (CD 72 seconds): Imbue your armor with precious metals. Increases your DEF for 2 rounds. Lvl up: DEF increase +6%

Blackdragon4 (Custom)
Parry (Passive): Refine your technique with a polearm. Decreases the damage you receive. Lvl up: Received Damage -5%

Obtainable by: Black Market, Courage Shop

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