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January Events

Phoenix reborn

From Jan. 14th-18th: Double trials! 

From Jan. 14th-21st: Phoenix reborn! Cynthia in the special mode!

From Jan. 22nd-Feb. 4th: ​Lily and Zurghos in the special mode!

Monthly sign-in

Monthly sign in


1. A player will reveice rewards for signing in every day.
2. After reaching the required VIP level, players can receive some of the rewards twice.
3. Follow-up rewards will be available once the current one has been received. Missing a reward won't reset the order.
4. The sign-in will reset on the first day of every month.

Weekly Events


Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of fortune

In this event you can bet any amount of diamonds!
The more you bet, the more you can win.
You can use the wheel of fortune maximum 8 times.
It costs more diamonds each try but you will always receive more than you bet!



1. A player can pray once a day.
2. A cycle consists of 7 prayers.
3. Pray to receive gold, diamonds and items.
4. Players can obtain extra rewards from their 3rd and 7th prayer in a cycle.
5. The Moon Well will reset at midnight (server time) once the player has finished his 7th prayer.
6. If the player hasn't collected a reward, the missed rewards will be sent to their ingame mail.

The Altar


Here you can purchase normal and deluxe chests.
For normal chests you have 6 free purchases a day.
For Deluxe chests you have 1 free purchase every 48 hours.
After having purchased 50 deluxe chests you will get an extra 3-star hero via ingame mail.

We want your voice

Have you ever wanted to hear your favorite warrior using your own voice? The time has come!

If you are interested in this exclusive opportunity, send us a private message on Facebook with the following attachment and information:

1. Mp3 file renamed with the name of the respective warrior (5 seconds max. recording)
2. The text of what the character is saying (in case you use a unique or a difficult one to understand we definitely need it)
3. Your username and Player ID (top left icon of the main screen)

Note: a picture of the related character is appreciated.

Try to be original, funny and clear at the same time.
We will collect all the files you will send to us and keep you posted about this new contest.
PLUS: The players who will be selected will receive exclusive and mysterious rewards… so what are you waiting for? Still there?


Like our Facebook page

Let’s share our community and reach as many likes as possible on the Mighty Warriors game page!
We will post a special COUPON whenever we reach a certain number of Likes! Coupons can be redeemed by clicking on your Avatar and then Coupons.

Together with the russian VK page, we already reached 4000 likes!

Likes 2







Attack Order

Here a little explanation how your heroes attack!
Attack order

Your characters (Team A) will target the enemy No. 1 (Team B), and focus all their attacks on this enemy until he is defeated. Once No. 1 is defeated, your team will target automatically enemy No. 2 until he is defeated. After the first line is defeated, your characters will focus their attacks on enemy No. 3, then they’ll move on to No. 4 and finally to No. 5. The enemy team (Team B) will use the same order against team A. They will attack starting from No. 1 and end with No. 5. Note: This function doesn't affect Battlefield and World Boss modes.

Game Modes

The Stages


That's what you can do directly without any level restrictions. In the levels you will find the equipment to upgrade your heroes, in elite levels you will also find soul stones for your heroes to promote them.

At the moment the last possible stage to clear is Elite Mode, Chapter 17-10. More to come in future updates, so just keep going! For further tips see our Team Strategies .

The Tasks

required team lvl: 5

Here is where you can increase your team level in the fastest way: doing your daily tasks.
You also get rewards for nearly everything, like collecting special heroes, reaching certain levels, killing bosses and many other things!


required team level: 10

Search for friends to visit them, give them stamina or just to challenge them and see who's stronger!


required team level: 13
There are different trials to collect experience potions, skill books, equipment and gold. The dungeons are opened on different days:

Elves' Shrine
(Experience potions)
: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Library (Skill books): open every day

Dwarves' Treasure (Gold): Monday, Thursday, Sunday

Armory (Equipment): Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

For further tips see also our Team Strategies .


required team level: 15


1. Battlefield divides players in brackets based on their level. Use flags to battle others (flags can be obtained by daily reward or in all stages).
After each battle players will be awarded merit points and gold.
2. Win a certain number of battles to receive the corresponding rewards (for the first 30 battles you get a special bonus every 3rd battle).
The system will calculate the player's rankin in his bracket every day and send the player rewards vie the ingame mail. Players can check the rewards under "Reward Information".
3. Use "Search" to find your opponents, you can also change them if they could be too strong.
Use "Quick battle" to get a faster accumulation of wins (upgrading VIP gives you a higher amount of quick battles a day).


required team level:20



1. A player can attempt "Wanted" 5 times each day. VIP players get extra attempts.
2. There are 4 ranks for "Wanted" quests: Rank S,A,B and C. The player is rewarded with soul stones for every attempt, according to the difficulty (s)he chooses (S is the hardest).
3. Every day at 00.00 (server time) players will get 3 free attempts to refresh all quests. Additional refreshes will cost diamonds.


required team level: 25



1. If you beat an opponent with a higher ranking, you will switch rank positions. In case you beat an opponent with a lower ranking, your ranking will not change.
2. If you win, you receive 5 honor points, if you lose you receive 2 honor points.
3. A player gets 5 free challenges a day. Challenge attempts will be refreshed at 00.00 (server time).
4. After each challence the attacker will have a CD time of 10 minutes.
5. The system will check the ranking at 00.00-00:30 (server time) every day and send rewards via the ingame mail.
6. Click on "My Team" to set your defence team. You can change it whenever you want.

For further tips see also our Team Strategies .

World Boss

required team level: 30

World boss1


1. A player can attack the Boss 10 times each day.
2. After each attempt the system will calculate the damage the player dealt to the boss and convert it into points.
3. Players will be ranked based on their total points. The more points a player gets, the more diamonds (as a daily reward) (s)he will receive.

For further tips see also our Team Strategies .


required team level: 35


1. There are 15 battles to fight in the Crusade. The HP of both - enemy and ally heroes - won't be restored after battles.
2. A fallen hero that didn't get resurrected before the end of a battle can't join the subsequent battles.
3. Players can do Crusade only once a day. Players with VIP level 12 or higher have 1 additional attempt per day.
4. Players can obtain courage points, equipment, soul stones and gold when they complete the stages. Courage points are only rewarded once a day in the first Crusade run.
5. Courage points can be exchanged in the Courage Shop.

For further tips see also our Team Strategies .


required team level: 40

Join a guild to be able to praise higher players (and gain stamina by doing this) and take part in guild raids.


1. Unlocking and resetting raids will consume a certain number of raid points. (Only Captains and Leader can open raids.)
2. Each member will have 2 chances to challenge raids, the attempts are resetted once a day at 00.00 (server time).
3. Completing daily tasks during raids will result in guild tokens, which can be used to purchse in the guild shop.
4. There will be a damage ranking after each raid. Players will get guild tokens as reward according to their damage done.
5. According to the damage dealt during an attempt, players will receive a certain amount of gold as a reward.
6. The equipment dropped during raids will be sent to a guild warehouse where members can roll for the equipment.

Stat Changes



Counter - Attack the enemy right after having received any damage (Counter can't be dodged by the enemy).


Deathblow - Increases your chance to attack the enemy with lowest HP.


Dodge - Receive less damage.


Immune - Immune to all debuffs.


Invincible - Immune to all damage.


ATK buff

ATK Buff - Increases ATK.

ATK Debuff

ATK Debuff - Decreases ATK.


CRIT Buff - Increases Crit.

CRIT Debuff

CRIT Debuff - Decreases Crit.

DEF buff

DEF Buff - Increases DEF.

DEF debuff

DEF Debuff - Decreases DEF.

SPD Buff

Speed Buff - Increases Speed.

SPD Debuff

Speed Debuff - Decreases Speed.



Bleed/Burn/Poison - Lose HP eacht turn.


Blind - Unable to attack but able to cast skills.


Chaos - Confused, attack randomly - even your own team.


Death - After certain turns, HP reaches 0.


Freeze - Temporary out of battle. (Unable to cast or attack, but also can't be attacked.)


Petrify - Unable to cast or attack.


Silence - Unable to cast skills, but able to attack with normal attacks.


Stun - Unable to cast and attack.


Taunt - Provoking enemies to force them to attack you.


How to play on another device while using the same account?

There are 3 different ways to log into the game:

1. Sign up/log in by using your personal email and password.
2. Log in through facebook and connect your account with it.
3. Log in through Google+ and connect your account with it.

You can use the same account on any of your devices. Once you start the game by choosing one of the 3 methods listed above, you should stick with it. Switching to a different log-in method has you starting the game from scratch.

How many accounts can I have per device?

You can have unlimited accounts per device. But remember: you can't use your own invitation code with accounts on the same device!

How does the invitation system work?

- You can share your invitation code (=player ID, find it on your avatar icon top left or on the present icon top right) with multiple users. When they reach the required level you will get the relevant achievement.
- If a player who used your invitation code is already level 40 or higher, you will reveive all the relevant rewards at once.
- You can only fill in 1 invitation code from another player. After that, you cannot use any other invitation codes.
- Each invitation code only works in the corresponding server.

How can I check my player ID and team name?

You can check player ID and username by clicking on your avatar icon on the top left of the main screen. There you can also change your teamname, but don't forget: changing the name costs 298 diamonds!

What is server time?

Server time is the (global) real time of the game. Daily rewards and announcements refer to server time. You can check it by clicking on your avatar icon on the top left of the main screen.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

To reset your password just click on community (by clicking on your avatar icon) to reach our facebook page and send a private message to the GM. In your message make sure to ask for a password reset and don't forget to specify your Player ID and team name.

How to purchase in the game if I don't have a credit card?

To be able to purchase in Mighty Warriors we recommend you to buy an iTunes card and add credits to your iTunes account.

I haven't yet received my rewards from yesterday's battlefield or my daily VIP Package. What should I do?

Make sure to check the server time: your rewards will be delivered every day between 00:00 and 00:20 server time.

I bought a deluxe chest and got a hero, but i can't find him. What should I do?

You have already summoned that warrior: this means that he has been converted into soul stones. When you reach the required number of soul stones cou can promote the respective warrior and get a new star, skin an you can improve his/her stats.

In the battlefield here are opponents that are way more powerful than I am. Yet i can still beat them: how is that possible?

If on the battlefield you see an opponent team higher than yours bit his equipment is white, you are probably going to challenge a NPC's team.

I have used all my daily stamina refills. How can I have more?

There are different ways you can get more stamina: have you tried them all?

- Every day from 12pm to 14pm (server time) and from 18pm to 20pm (server time) you can collect 60 stamina in your tasks.
- Receiving stamina gifts from your friends
- Praising the players in your guild who have a higher level than you
- Purchasing refill attempts with diamonds
- Daily rewards (00.00 server time)

How can I get new warriors?

You can obtain new warriors by collecting the required number of soul stones (you can check how to collect the respective soul stones in the heroes' list). You can also obtain new warriors by purchasing a deluxe chest. if you already own them, they will be converted into soul stones.

I cannot add friends anymore, why?

You probably reached your limit: you cannot have more than 35 friends in your friendlist.

Can I send items, gold, soul stones etc to someone else?

At the moment only stamina can be sent as a gift via your friendlist.

Can I challenge the world boss more than 10 times?

You cannot challenge the world boss more than 10 times. VIP level doesn't affect this mode.

I finished the elite stage attempts. Can I have more?

You can have more stage attempts with a higher VIP level. You can check VIP details on the recharge screen. (by clicking on the diamond icon or on the crown icon)

Is there any inventory limit?

There is no limit for your inventory.

How can I use fusion points?

You can collect fusion points randomly by fusing items (in your inventory). By clicking on the exchange button you can check which item is currently available and you can exchange fusion points to obtain that particular item.

What is the maximum level I can reach?

At the moment the maximum level you can reach is level 80.

I upgraded a warrior, but i lost all the equipment. What happened?

Every time you fully equip a varrior you can upgrad him/her. After this process is done all the previous equipment is absorbed (you keep the stats!) in order to collect stronger equipment and further upgrade your heroes.

My warrior is not able to level up anymore, how come?

Your warrior level cannot be higher than your team level. (for instance, if your team level is 45, yuor warriors cannot be level 46 until your team level is higher.)

How can I get more Prestige Points?

You can get prestige points from damage ranking by taking part in guild raids and as a daily task.

I joined my guild raid twice but I can't see any loot, how come?

Once a memeber of the guild has discovered a loot from a guild raid, the other members have 8 hours in order to roll for that item (check warehouse for roll attempts). If any other member doesn't roll in the next 3 hours since the item first appeared, that specific member will directly obtain the loot he has discovered.

We completed a guild raid, how can I start a new one?

Only the Captains and the Leader are able to start a new chapter or reset a previous one and only in the case the guild reached the required amount of raid points.

How can we get raid points?

Eacht time that - by being part of a guild - a member uses stamina, his/her stamina will be converted directly into raid points. 1 stamina equals 1 raidpoint.

How can I leave my guild?

You can leave your current guild by clicking on your Avatar icon (top left of the main screen) and on "Leave guild". Remember: When you want to join another guild, you have to wait a few hours before its possible.

VIP Table

















1 10 4 5 6 3 0 0
2 100 5 10 6 5 1 0
3 300 8 15 6 5 2 1
4 500 9 20 7 8 3 1
5 1000 9 25 7 8 4 1
6 3000 11 30 9 12 5 2
7 5000 11 35 9 12 6 3
8 8000 14 35 9 12 7 4
9 15000 14 40 12 17 8 5
10 25000 17 40 12 17 9 6
11 50000 17 45 12 17 12 7
12 80000 20 45 15 22 14 8 +1
13 110000 20 50 15 22 16 9 +1
14 150000 22 50 15 28 18 10 +1
15 200000 22 75 20 30 20 11 +1

Other Benefits:

  1. Beginning with VIP3: Sprint multiple times in one go.
  2. Beginning with VIP5: Small possibility increase to find special shop and black market.
  3. Beginning with VIP7: Diamonds can be used to praise others
  4. Beginning with VIP10: Large possibility increase to find special shop and black market.

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