Diana (Custom)
Noble scream (Custom)
Noble Scream
(CD 90s): Screech of fury that deals moderate damage to enemy #1. 20% freeze chance for 2 rounds. Lvl up: Dam +10%, freeze chance +3%

Sidestep (Custom)
Sidestep (Passive): Move around to dodge enemy attacks. Increases your Speed. Lvl up: Speed +6%

Sweeping arrow (Custom)
Sweeping Arrow
(CD 90s): Fire a volley of arrows to the backrow. Deals some damage and decreases their attack for 1 round. Lvl up: Damage +5%

Elfs Blessing (Custom)
Elf's Blessing
(Passive): Receive a blessing from your tribe's elderly. Increases your ATK. Lvl up: ATK + 5%

Obtainable by: Special Dungeon, Black Market

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