Dryadskill1 (Custom)
Natural Aid (CD 68s): Let the power of nature soothe an ally’s injuries. Recovers their HP by a reasonable amount for 2 turns. Lvl up: HP recovery +10%

Dryadskill2 (Custom)
Entangling Vines (Passive): Envelop yourself with vines. Increases Counter. Lvl up: Counter +5

Dryadskill3 (Custom)
Soul of Cenarius (CD 94 seconds): Let Mother Nature resurrect all allies with a small amount of their HP. Lvl up: HP recovery +10%

Dryadskill4 (Custom)
Natural Whisper (Passive): Ask Mother Nature to lend you her powers. Increases your DEF. Lvl up: DEF +5%

Obtainable by: Guild Shop, Special Shop, Black Market

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