Faerie1 (Custom)
Shadow Seduction (CD 80 seconds): Seduce the front-row enemies, then strike them to deal reasonable damage. Lvl up: Damage + 10%

Faerie2 (Custom)
Evil (Passive): Show no mercy to the enemies. Increases your ATK. Lvl up: ATK + 6%

Faerie3 (Custom)
Power of Darkness (CD 90 seconds): Use the power of darkness to deal reasonable damage to 3 random enemies. Lvl up: Damage + 5%

Faerie4 (Custom)
Shadow Guard (Passive): Create a shield of darkness. Increases your DEF. Lvl up: DEF + 5%

Obtainable by: Shop, Special Shop, Black Market, Wanted, Elite Level (Chapters: 3-2, 9-2, 15-2)

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