Garen (Custom)
Ultimate judgement (Custom)
Ultimate Judgement (CD 88s): Judge enemy #1 with your sword and deal reasonable damage. 80% chance to silence them for 2 rounds. Lvl up: Damage +10%

Courage (Custom)
Courage (Passive): Channel your courage to protect your allies. Increase your HP. Lvl up: HP +5%

Fatal blow (Custom)
Fatal Blow (CD 88s): Invoke justice to deal massive damage to enemy #1. Has a 10% chance to kill them after 2 rounds. Lvl up: Dam +5%, doom chance +2%

Debons will (Custom)
Debon’s Will (Passive): Increase your ATK for the sake of vengeance. Lvl up: ATK +5%

Obtainable by: Special Dungeon, Black Market, Special Shop

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