Blizzard (CD 90s): Summon an Ice Storm. Deals some damage to all enemies and has a 10% chance to freeze them. Lvl up: +10% Damage +3% Freeze chance.

Elemental Surge
Elemental Surge (Passive): Absorb energy from the lightning to increase your Dodge. Lvl up: Dodge +6/7

Rolling Meteor
Rolling Meteor (CD 88s): Summon a meteor from the sky that falls at high speed and rolls back through the enemies. Deals reasonable damage to all and adds a burning effect for 2 rounds. Lvl up: Damage +5% and burning damage +6%.

Infuser (Passive): Gather all elemental forces to increase your ATK. Lvl up: ATK + 5%

Obtainable by: Black Market, Special Stages

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