Silencer1 (Custom)
Blade of Wisdom (CD 82 seconds): Strike enemy #1 with your blade. Deals reasonable damage and silences them for 1 round. Lvl up: Damage +10%

Silencer2 (Custom)
Last Word (Passive): The one with the final hit will be victorious. Increases your Crit. Lvl up: Crit +5

Silencer3 (Custom)
Silent Storm (CD 85s): Silently slash all enemies. Deals some Dam. Has a 35% chance to silence them for 2 rounds. Lvl up: Dam +5%, silence chance +3%

Silencer4 (Custom)
Haste Cast (Passive): Rush to protect your comrades. Increases your Speed. Lvl up: Speed +5%

Obtainable by: Black Market, Special Shop, Honor Shop

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