Soul1 (Custom)
Icy Touch (CD 88s): Use your icy sword to deal some damage to all enemies. 20% chance to freeze them for 1 round. Lvl up: Dam +8% and freeze chance +2%

Soul2 (Custom)
Frostmourne (Passive): Improve your technique with this legendary sword. Increases ATK. Lvl up: ATK +6%

Soul3 (Custom)
Wrath of the Lich King (CD 88 seconds): Strike down on the enemy in position no. 3 with all your anger. Deals massive damage. Lvl up: Damage +10%

Soul4 (Custom)
Sindragosa’s Gift (Passive): Receive energy from Sindragosa to increase your HP. Lvl up: HP +5%

Obtainable by: Black Market, VIP, Special Dungeon

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