Tiny (Custom)
Landslide (Custom)
(CD 85 s): Cause a landslide that deals moderate damage to the front-row. Has a 30% chance to stun them for 1 round. Lvl up: Damage +10%

Stone core (Custom)
Stone Core
(Passive): Improve the hardness of your rock body. Increases your DEF. Lvl up: DEF +5%

Rockstorm (Custom)
Rock Storm
(CD 85 seconds): Throw rocks at all enemies. Deals reasonable damage. Lvl up: Damage +5%

Fury of the mountain (Custom)
Fury of the Mountains
(Passive): Recall your dangerous and rocky home. Increases your HP. Lvl up: HP +5%

Obtainable by: Black Market, Guild Points

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